You Got to have friends...

We were recently asked by many fans and friends if it would be okay if they could also help by donating some of their special Talents to us, in the form of auction items. Well they made us an offer we just couldn't refuse.. What better way to work towards a great cause then to have the most important people of all, Kiss/Eric fans and friends as part of this wonderful cause. We accept paintings, books, crafts any thing you think would make a cool auction item.
Thank you all for your beautiful donations.. We salute you!!!Any one else who would like to donate an auction item is welcome please contact
FoxxFest Auction for farther info.

Remember this website and auction items will be kept up for the entire month of August, new items will be added daily for you to bid, on so don't wait, donate an auction item now.. We'd be grateful

Now, Please feast your eyes on some very cool items just
donated for auction, by some very wonderful Friends and Fans.


Beautiful Framed Eric Carr Oil Painting

This beautiful painted portrait of
Eric Carr is done in the finest of oils.
It's "16x 20" and has a frame of Black wood.
This fine work of art is
placed within a white linen Mat.

Signed by the talented Artist herself
Janis Jo Stevens.

Visit her website:

Foxfest thanks you Janis!

Starting Bid for this beautiful Oil painting is $100.00 ----1 Bid $110.00

Bids are in $10.00 increments



 Black Diamond 1 an 2
Autographed by Author Dale Sherman
(This is a set)

Foxfest thanks you Dale!

Starting bid $20.00 for the set of 2 books.

$2 Bid increments


Eric Carr's Genuine Streetgang Stationary

This is the real thing folks. Created and used by Eric Carr in 1986
for his company Streetgang productions.
This set comes with his business card with his name
Eric Carr and address and Tel#, plus an envelope and mailing label.

Streetgang Productions still exist and is in the process of trying to make Eric's Rockheads come to life. This stationary is very rare..

Donated by Robert T.- Foxfest thanks you Robert!

Starting bid $15.00 for the 3 piece set.....$2 Bid increments-1 Bid $20.00


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