Thoughts On Unfinished Business, from MARCIA JUELL
For "Unfinished Business" the original 1980 Eric Carr Kiss audition vocal has been incorporated into a new version which includes Marcia Juell, singer/songwriter known for the Billboard hit "Beautiful Day," on backing vocals. Marcia shared some thoughts about her involment on the track with the KissFAQ:

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First, tell us a bit about yourself!
Thank you so much for this very cool opportunity! I'm a Dance & Pop singer/songwriter, so recording on a project like Unfinished Business was such a world away from what I normally do, & I LOVE that!

In 2007, I was fortunate to have a Billboard dance hit with Matt Darey "Beautiful Day" (Koch Records). Since then, I've become recognized in the electronic dance genre with other single releases like: Fly Away (Kult Records), Calling (Black Hole Recordings), Let it Flow (Lunatique/Armada), & Save My Heart coming soon on Soviet Recordings. I also recently finished a Rocktronica EP "Chronicles of Totque " the UK's Torque Twin's. It is so much fun to collaborate with talented producers/DJ's from all corners of the world!

I also stay busy recording & pitching my pop songs to mainstream artists, via Sony Records, etc, and for TV/Film opportunities. You can check out all of my EP's & singles on iTunes here: Check out all of Marcia Juell's Releases on itunes!

KISS fan or KISS aware?
I have always liked KISS. Sure, I was completely terrified of their scary faces as a little girl, but I grew to really respect their work!You sing backing vocals on "Shandi" with Eric on the CD. How did you get involved with the project?
I was introduced to Eric's sister- Loretta Carr, by my good friend Tony Williams of Music Star Productions. He had recommended that I would be a good choice for some of the female vocals & "Shandi" was the song of choice. It was an incredible honor to be asked to sing alongside Eric's voice!


When/where did you record your contribution?
I recorded the Shandi vocals in my ProTools home studio, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nothing too fancy, but it's where I record/engineer all of my vocals.


Is there any other KISS song that you like, or wouldn't mind singing?
Yes, I think it would be way cool to do vocals on "Burning Up with Fever."

And, of course, anything you'd like to add!
I firstly want to say that I feel so grateful to be included in this wonderful & heartfelt tribute to Eric Carr! Thank you Loretta!

You can read more about me here:


The KissFAQ thanks Marcia for taking her time to answer these .Visit the official site of Marcia Juell ....

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