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ERIC CARR Welcome to the Official Eric Carr website at is dedicated to the memory of late KISS drummer Eric Carr, one of the most talented musicians ever to sit behind a drum kit. There are many great things in store for in the future, including plans to add lots of multimedia (audio, video, photos), as well as articles, reviews, news and merchandise. While there are many exciting additions yet to come at, there are several sections of the website that are already open which we encourage everyone to check out and enjoy!

KISS ASYLUM & Remember Eric Carr
From: & Byron Fogle
Hard to believe 10 long years have passed since Eric Carr was taken from us. In mid July (around Eric's birthday actually)İI was on vacation and one night I had a visionİand decided right then and there when I landed back in NJİ I was going to attempt to do the biggest blowout I could to honor Eric Carr this year for his 10th anniversary. He did not get the recognition nor the respectİhe deserved I feelİwhen he died, as we all knowİanother rock legend Freddie Mercury ofİQueenİdied the same day.

Writing trading cards or a DVD biography were all milestones for me to have been involved in but it wasn't enough, I don't think I can ever repay Eric for keeping my fire & passion burning for music & theİdrums. I only hope he's got the internet in Heaven and digs this tribute to him.

All I can say is with a little hard work, dreams can come true Eric proved that motto over and over to me and millions around the world. With that in mind I've assembled a vast array of interviews for all of Eric's fans to enjoy from his friends, former bandmates, even some fans whose lives he touched. Also, inside you will see photos some never before seen and down the road so much more cool things such as audio clips, video clips & photo's from the vaults. Welcome to & the 10th anniversary tribute to Eric Carr.

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  • Eric Carr 's Rock Heads Page: Find out all about the Rock Heads cartoon characters created by Eric, characters who continue to live on with the help of Eric's family and good friends Bruce Kulick and Adam Mitchell.

  • Inside The Tale Of The Fox, The Eric Carr Story. The True Story, The Untold Story: Get all the details about a brand new DVD version of the "Tale of the Fox" video biography of Eric. This new version includes all the material from the original version, plus tons of brand new, never before seen material!

  • Rock For The Cure:Your chance to bid on tons of great items -- many autographed and/or one-of-a-kind -- donated by top rock stars to support a great charity cause.

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